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Fresh Water Canada, Gaspe Fly Fishing: Atlantic Salmon On Dry Flies
Posted by pete-d (6653 reads)
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Atlantic Salmon Video

It was time for our annual pilgrimage to Nova Scotia to be with friends and family, with a slight twist. This year I was slipping a 5-day fly fishing excursion into the family vacation itinerary. Over the winter a friend and I had bid on and won 3 days fishing for Atlantic salmon in Gaspe Bay at the annual ASF dinner in Halifax. I figured it would make lots of sense to plan the trip to Quebec while in Nova Scotia. My wife would have lots of people to help watch our daughter. Barely even miss me... Right! Not a chance, but she went along with it anyway. So two days into the family vacation she dropped me off at Sean’s so we could set out on our 12-hour journey North. The St. Jean, Dartmouth and York were all in the lineup. We knew it was going to be tough because Gaspe Bay had been one of the only places on the entire Northeast side of the continent that had received very little rain since May. Tons of Atlantic Salmon with very little water. Small dries (using small loosely), # 12 wet flies and light tippet was what the guides were calling for. Our licenses and plans for the following day were waiting for us at the hotel. Half a bottle of Cuban rum, a bit of sleep and a 20-minute car ride later we were on the Wild Rose pool of the St. Jean. We moved up to the head of the pool where there was still some current. Our guide, Mario, used his periscope to spot the holding locations of the Salmon and we began to cover the water. Sean fished a bomber while I

put the green machine to work. Second cast, a Salmon makes a violent swipe at my fly. No take. Minutes later, Sean raises a big Salmon with his Labatt’s Blue. No take. And so it continued all day on the St Jean and the following day on the Dartmouth. Casting over hundreds of Atlantic Salmon (some over 40 lbs) and unable to convince one to actually eat the fly. Upon returning to the hotel our guide, Dave, picked up our papers for the final day. “York - Sector 9. This is very good!" He says. Good enough to get me fired up to fly fish another day on some of the most amazing water imaginable. Low water or not, these rivers are definitely something to be seen. It would be an even earlier start after our third night eating finely prepared meals of Moose and Venison in our hotel room. We would start at the Montagnard (aka Hermit Pool). It was one of two pools that would hold fish in this sector and fortunately for us all the other rods in this sector chose the Keg pool. 15 minute exclusive rotations are the norm on these rivers so we would have the pleasure of fishing how, when and where without the added pressure of having a peanut gallery. Immediately we were able to spot Salmon holding throughout the pool. Sean took the head with a wet fly and I moved in below with a bomber. Each cast the guide would say, "he's coming... he's coming... Oooh!" No take!” A fish moved on each of my first 10 casts. Dave decided to head up to see how Sean was making out. “Fish on!” Just as he stopped watching, a fish came up to sip my bomber off the surface. Our guide quickly pointed out that I had tied on 6 lb tippet. A friendly reminder that would typically be the kiss of death for me. Three jumps and a quick run to the head of the pool with no major malfunctions and the battle continued. I gingerly played the fish, as he held strong at the head of the pool. A short time later our guide was able to help me bring the fish to net. A nicely colored female Atlantic Salmon weighing about 12 lbs. Certainly not a trophy on these rivers but it as my first Atlantic Salmon on a dry fly, it will provide me with many hours of enjoyment reliving that brief moment in time as I continue my search for willing Atlantic Salmon.

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Re: Gaspe, Quebec Canada: Atlantic Salmon On Dry Flies
by waterwhippa
Pete, That place looks totally amazing. Crystal clear water, big fresh salmon and not another soul in sight, are you kidding me? I know it would be tough for me to leave a place like that at the end of the trip. Great work on bringing that fish to hand and congrats on your first dry fly salmon. Excellent story and vid too.

Re: Gaspe, Quebec Canada: Atlantic Salmon On Dry Flies
by jeremy http://www.fliesandfins.com

crystal clear water .. almost clearer than the air, pristine wilderness and river conditions, wild atlantic salmon 10-40 pounds and lots of em', no blind casting .. sight fishing only ... all dry fly fishing .. and hot silver fish that jump and tail walk across the pools............

one could certainly argue that .. that is the pinnacle .. the end-all be all .. trout/salmon fly fishing experience ... does it get any better? i have never witnessed nor experienced anything comparable in my personal trout/salmon fly fishing experiences.... .... amazing. gives me yet another thing to dream of .....

Re: Gaspe, Quebec Canada: Atlantic Salmon On Dry Flies
by wrh http://www.theanglersnet.com
Stunning scenery and an amazing amount of spookie fish. That was a treat to see. My only experience with AS was on Nova Scotia in the fall and you're experience is a whole other deal. I love sight fishing but sometimes it becomes very frustrating when they don't want to play and there they are right in front of you. Thanks for sharing the story keep us updated on you're next trip.

Re: Gaspe, Quebec Canada: Atlantic Salmon On Dry Flies
by greg http://www.fliesandfins.com
I have been going to Gaspe for a few years now, June and Sept. It's a great fishing experience, especially if you catch 1, but being able to sight fish and watch their behavior in that gin clear water. Congrats on the great fish!!

Re: Gaspe, Quebec Canada: Atlantic Salmon On Dry Flies
by joey http://www.fliesandfins.com
Nice Nice Nice!!! 12lb AS must have felt like a 100lbs until you got her in the net. Great acomplishment Pete glad you were able to get a beauty under your belt. The conditions you were fishing in looked unreal. Crystal clear water with large fish lurking right in front of your eyes. Awesome. congrats again.

Re: Gaspe, Quebec Canada: Atlantic Salmon On Dry Flies
by Ramacles
Arrgh! now i'm getting goose bumps! I'm making my annual trip to the Cap-Chat river the week after Labour day. I can't wait! Last year I only landed a grilse, but then again, the water levels were so low. At least I get to spend a week in B.C. between now and then. That aught to tide me over.

One way or another fishing for Salmon in the Gaspé is a fantastic experience. Glad you enjoyed it and hope you come back!

Re: Gaspe, Quebec Canada: Atlantic Salmon On Dry Flies
by Shaq http://www.theanglersnet.com
looks like Nirvana...jsut paradise and a dream of mine experienced through your trip. Great stuff!!!

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