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Flies And Fins :: View topic - Spanish Mackerel: Leader Setup?
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PostPosted: Sat 03/07/09 12:08 pm    Post subject: Spanish Mackerel: Leader Setup? Reply with quote

Any ideas on leader size for Spanish Mackerel? I use mono when conventional fishing, but was not sure if 25-30lb mono would turn over with a 9wt. If 25-30# mono is ok for leader what should butt section be?

Can I take like 5-6 feet of 40lb mono and tie it to 25-30lb mono. 25# mono may seem light and you do get bit off at times, but I think strike ratio increases with the 25# over say a 35 or 40.

Thanks in Advance!
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Location: Portland, Maine

PostPosted: Sat 03/07/09 2:33 pm    Post subject: Hey Man Reply with quote

Hey Man,

I think I can offer you some help here? Others may have varying advice - that may contradict mine .. but here is what I do.

1. I have fished for and caught spanish mackerel in Florida and in the Northeast. As a sidebar, not many people seem to realize all of the warm water species that we get in the Northeast during the summer. But, Spanish Mackerel are somewhat of a common thing on Martha's Vineyard and select spots in Rhode Island etc...

2. In my experience - they are predatory fish that often swim in schools and when they get fired up on a bait ball bait (which is pretty much all the time) the are not the most picky fish in the ocean (I happen to love this!) Meaning, much like bluefish or albies or bonito or dorado or pelagics etc.. when they work together as a school and key in on bait and attack it and assault it from all directions ... they are not too picky. The harder part then, becomes the ability to FIND the fish. After all, its a big ocean .. and FINDING the fish is a huge part of the equation. If ya can't find fish (any fish for that matter) .. doesn't really matter what ya got for leader, fly etc..

3. So, the fishing I have done for Spanish Mackerel or even king mackerel for that matter or even atlantic mackerel for that matter .. tends to be more about finding them. Once I find them .. I have never found an issue with using straight 20-30 pound fluorocarbon leader. Seriously, I just carry a spool of fluorcarbon - cut about 9 feet of it off - attach one end to fly line - the other end to fly .. and bingo, I'm in the game. And, if the fish are there ... the eat the fly. Just like with the spin rod ... all the same exact principles that you mention - apply. So ya - use #25 pound test .. even #20 - if it helps increase hook-ups .. but as far as "being able to turn it over" .. I have never had an issue. If you water load the line and have a decent double haul and don't make any false casts (just shoot the line) .. you shouldn't have a problem rolling over 50 or 100 pound test ... If the fly line "turns over" .. well the leader will too - if you shoot the line. And in the case of spanish mackerel - we are not talking about a need for a delicate presentation that is required for permit, bonefish, stripers on the flats etc..

Bottom Line: Try #25 straight leader 6-9 feet and fire away. You should be good. Hope you get into them! Good Luck. Hope this helps!
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