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Flies And Fins :: View topic - Water Soaked Camera: Rice & Sun!?
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Location: Portland, Maine

PostPosted: Wed 07/28/10 2:09 pm    Post subject: Water Soaked Camera: Rice & Sun!? Reply with quote

Not to happy about the most recent submergence of my SONY HD camera. Actually, it didn't submerge - I mistakingly left it outside, and of course it poured rain that night. I awoke to see the camera where I had been sitting the night before .. I picked it up and turned it over and water poured out of it from every imaginable hole ... I had just read an article on this topic and the advise was, "Get a box of rice, put camera in ziploc bag, pour rice into bag and wait." I guess rice sucks moisture/water out of the compromised piece of electronics. Here is where I am in the process

1. Camera did not function at all, immediately after the incident
2. 6 hours or so after adding rice, power and some features came back
3. 2 days after adding rice, many features back but the zoom and the hard drive inside the camera is still not able to write data.
4. Fortunately, I was able to extract a bunch of content that had been on the camera.
5. As of right now, zoom and hard drive are still compromised .. have the camera in the rice bag and laying in the sun. Interestingly enough the bag is still showing signs of moisture, which means the rice is still doing its job .. or so i hope.

Anyway, just wanted to share this if anyone dunks a camera or cell phone etc... I have heard stories of the comprised device coming back to full functionality after the rice solution ... i'm not there yet, but have my fingers crossed. I can say, that even if the camera doesn't come back to full functionality .. i am glad i was able to extract the content off the device , that was well worth the price of a box of uncle ben's rice.
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PostPosted: Thu 07/29/10 1:33 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

great advice Jeremy, works great with cell phones and hottubs as they dont mix very well either ,because of the mixed drinks but thats another story. to ultimatley avoid this look at the line of olympus cameras with goodd shock resostent cases and under water capabillties including 720 hd video has changesd my fishing photos drastically and is the ultimate addition for me and fishing memeories
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Location: Enschede - The Netherlands

PostPosted: Thu 07/29/10 5:42 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I once went flat on my face with my digital SLR in the river.
Allthough I carried the SLR in a waterproof bag ... the bag was open.

The mishap happend when a buddy of mine invited me for a coffee break while I was still in the middle of the river.
The stretch I fished was easy to wade so I waded to the shore with the camera bag open.
To bad I missed that big stone under the weed, I stepped on the stone ... lost my balance and went on my face.
The camera bag filled up with water before I managed to stand up.

My remedy was to remove battery and lens as quick as possible.
Back at the hotel the whole setup was positioned on the radiator of the central heating.
Next morning the camera came alive allthough some buttons would not function.
It took two weeks before the last controls would work again.
After that the camera proceeded to work flawless which still surprises me.

In the end I sold the camera to a friend.
He later complained that the camera suddenly stopped working.
It turned out that he managed to wrongly insert a CF memory card in the camera, go figure Smile
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