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There are all kinds of days, rivers and flyfishermen and that is what keeps flyfishing interesting. You never know what the weather might bring, what kind of hatch may be transpiring around the bend or what type of fellow flyfishermen you might encounter. When it comes to fellow flyfishermen we are all the same, yet entirely different. You know what I mean. Sometimes you meet a guy on the river, exchange a few words, and you both go separate ways. Sometimes you meet a guy on the river and spend the remainder of that day tracking the trout together. On rare occasions, you meet someone who shares more than just a passion for fly fishing. You meet someone who sees the same seams in the water, shares your same philosophies and it instantaneously feels like you have known and fly fished with this guy for years. I never underestimate the value of a good fly fishing buddy. Rods, reels, line, flies etc., can all be replaced. A flyfishing buddy can not be replaced, because no two are the same. Meet Greg, my newest flyfishing buddy and a great flyfisherman. I got skunked but he did not.