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I just left Andros Island in the Bahamas a week ago and I am now back home, sitting at my computer and cursing my job and wishing I was there instead of being home in Denmark.Me and my two friends spent our time in the Bahamas fly fishing Bonefish furing the daytime and casting flies to feeding Sharks at night. The Bonefishing was great as always but the shark fishing at nightwas incredible. During the nightime hours the sharks would prowl the waters outside of Hanks Place. This is a spot in Fresh Creek where people eat and rent boats. At night when the kitchen is in full operation, the cooks throw scraps of food outfrom the kitchen and the sharks and Jacks prowl the waters for a tasty meal. We would wait and watch the water and be ready to cast a fly to a cruising Jack or Shark. We had so much fun casting to cruising sharks and hooked up with numerous sharks but only landeda few. The fight was unbelievable! When these sharks took and felt the hook-set, all hell would break loose. The sharks were very powerful and they would make long hard runs and jump out of thewater like crazy. We realized quickly that light tackle was not going to do the trick. So, we rigged up our fly rods with 80 pound wire leaders and we through a lot of size 4/0 deceivers. Sight casting to these predators was an amazing experience that I will not soon forget. Yes, I am going back again! I can not wait!