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The Sheepscott River is the quintesential stream you read about and even dream of. It’s clear cool water just about all year rond and it’s Hatches are varied and heavy. On windy days it’s good as it sits low behind a hill and you can fish, it is the perfect spot for reflection and serenity. I have a six foot four wt. I like to use there as you can navigate the banks without breaking a rod tip and roll cast from about any position. On April 19th the water was high and still cold as I stood in the water just above my knees, wondering if golf would be a better sport for me. I had a stone fly on and off of that I had a olive green nymph, caddis I guess. A friend of mine showed up to watch and was in the middle of telling me it was to early in the season yet, when I lifted my rod to cast and to my surprise there was a fish on! My 6 foot rod bent almost to the butt and my friend kept saying the rod is going to go. The Brown made several runs down stream and turned up, surprised me and over I went. No, did not loose this fish. This was my first fish of the season and it was a great start, The hell with Golf.