I left for the Ausable River Friday afternoon after a fun filled day of family court and dealing with my ex-wife. I planned on arriving at the river with just enough time to set up my campsite and catch the evening hatch. Unlike my trip the Ausable River last year, the skies were clear and I had visions of rising trout around every bend. When I got there reality sunk in. After, setting up camp I headed to some past spots that have always produced for me, totally expecting to have to be fishing shoulder to shoulder with other fly fisherman. When I got to the river nobody was there and I mean nobody. This wasn’t necessarily a good sign. Normally, especially on the weekend, this place is a popular fly fishing destination and packed with fishermen. As I sat watching the water I realized why I was the only one. I didn’t see a single fish rise. This place normally has bugs crawling all over any exposed part of my body but on this day, I didn’t even have to put on bug spray. After skunking out that night I went back to camp and had to listen to two guys from Quebec get drunk and fart all night. I arose at 5 am the next morning and packed my stuff before heading back to the river. I watched the water again but again I saw no rising trout. It was a balmy 33 degrees and I just kept shaking my head as I waded into the water anyways. Something told me to tie on a streamer and it’s a good thing that I listened to that little voice in my head! My very first retrieve and I had a brown trout come clear out of the water trying to get to it. Now I was pumped and it was just a little messing around with my retrieve speed before I dialed into the fish. The Brown Trout seemed to like it when the streamer was almost surfing across the surface. Any slower of a retrieve and they wouldn’t even look at the streamer fly. I landed a bunch of Brown Trout all of varying sizes but the most memorable part was when I was retrieving my line across the current and I had six different trout, in different parts of the retrieve, come out and miss the streamer every single time. It almost looked like water ballet. I initially had on a 3 lb tippet but that changed quickly after a couple of bruisers snapped it like it wasn’t even there. All in all I had a great trip and was very surprised that I had a river such as the Ausable, all to myself.