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Australia Fly FishingThe variety of inshore fishing possibilities and species are endless in Weipa and Northern Australia and these fish are fast and powerful plus most will take flies. We were fishing at the infancy of the season, so we weren’t sure how we would do. We arrived a day early so we weren’t fishing by boat until Wednesday, We decided the night before we’d fish the beaches and some sandbars by foot. We arrived at the sandbar, as the tide started to drop and push water. The fishing fired up, I hooked into the first fish of the trip, a feisty but smaller giant trevally while the bait was constantly being smashed by serious predators. My Dad was casting around with Megan’s rod, while she ran to the Land Cruiser to get some sun block. We both spotted a huge giant trevally come up from the deeper water and over the sandbar chasing bait into the flats. We both were in casting range but he spooked before we had a real chance, since half his body would have been out of the water if he didn’t turn onto his side on the flats. He gunned it for about forty feet in a big half circle through a foot or less of water back over the sandbar into the comfort of deeper water, what a sight. Casting to long tail on fly was an awesome experience for me and something I had been waiting to do for some time. It was slow for the long tails I was told by our guide and family friend Capt. Al Philliskirk, head of Fish’s fly and sport fishing. We witnessed one bait ball on our last day of fishing on Sunday, but truly an incredible sight. Huge giant trevally , tuna, cobia , frigate birds and terns bombarding the tight ball of black bait without any regard of our presence.On Friday we had all caught a couple of meter plus queenfish by 8:30am . Megan also got a giant herring of over a meter. We decided to head for deeper water since the tide was working. Soon we had all caught a couple of kawakawa, Megan and my Dad had caught some very good sized grey mackerel and Spanish mackeral, I had caught my first long tail on fly before lunchtime on Friday after hooking a long tail on Monday and loosing him to the sharks .When there were no sights of tuna or birds near us we took a break to eat some lunch and to attract some sharks for a photo shoot, hoping to get a good look at them in the clear blue water. A variety of sharks showed up shortly, bull, black tip reef and lemon sharks to name a few. They all were impressive in size. While the boat was idle, Notso and my old man were messing with the bull sharks and black tip reefers dangling a fish carcass in front of their snouts to entice them closer and then pulling the fish away when they got too close and tried to eat.Without any notice, a small pod of about two or three long tails porpoise about 40 meters in front of the boat. As they moved towards us, I quickly jumped up to grab my stick and smoked a cast out in front of them. About three strips later one of the two long tails deviated from its path and zipped towards my fly, instantly hooking up. Burnt fingers, screaming reel and orange backing, I was very doubtful about landing this incredible fish since we had sharks all around us. By some stroke of luck and good fortune I pushed my eight weight to its breaking point, the “torpedo” was soon enough spiraling towards the surface. Ben grabbed his tail, I was elated. What a feeling!!! On one of our flats fishing days, Megan and I stalked a school of cruising blue salmon which were only meters from the dry sand. We were determined to get one. Making a perfect presentation was a must. She waited a few seconds for the school to approach the fly before stripping. Two strips later she was fighting her first salt water fish on fly. The hard fighting blue salmon was getting her into the backing quickly, and after roughly five minutes she had landed a great fish.On the last day she got a huge queen fish in only two feet of water about fifteen feet from the shore. My Dad and I fly casted at them but missed the shot, we had just had a double hook up about five minutes before hand when we both got into a small school of good sized queenies in very skinny water. She was quick on the draw, made a 30 foot cast and dropped a bucktail jig just inches from them. Two twitches later all hell broke loose as this meter plus queenie went ape shit in just about a foot of water. Scorching runs and epic leaps leaving splashes behind that looked like grand pianos where being dropped. These were just some of the awesome fish we caught during our stay. We caught numerous different species of fish every day. You can fish the flats for permit, trevally, queen fish and manta rays for cobia or whatever is hanging on them. Then head out to deaper water just a kilometer or less offshore for mackerel, tunas, or head up the tidal creek for good barramundi and mangrove jack fishing.Al “Fish” Philliskirk and his family run a superb guiding service out of Weipa.