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You mine as well be writing this article because I know it happens to you as much as it happens to me. You know what I am talking about. You go out on the river, stream, pond or ocean and you slay the fish. There you are in your glory, reeling in one fish after another. You get home, call one of your buddies and convince him to join in on the fun. “You gotta come down/up/over/ – take the day off work – you won’t believe it – there are fish EVERYWHERE!” So, your buddy adjusts his schedule and starts imagining all the fish he’s going to hook into. Then, without warning, the fish decided to take the day off. There you are, with your buddy, standing in the same places you were the night before but nothing is happening. It’s like a ghost town. What the @#$% – where did they go. This is @#$%. You could tell your buddy all the reasons why or tell him your theories as to why he is not hooking into fish. You could tell him about what was happening the night before. But, deep down, nobody really cares. The only thing that you and he are saying to yourselves is, “This Stinks.” Well last night stunk. The stripers were very few and far between. My buddies Joe and Bill drove down from Augusta because I told them the Stripers were everywhere. Well, they were not everywhere. It stunk and there was nothing I could say. Anytime you hear these words – “Well, it was a beautiful spot” or “The scenery was beautiful” – you know the fishing stunk. Yeah, yeah beautiful scenery and blah, blah, blah… – If that was what we were interested in we would have left our rods in the car and gone for a walk on the beach. We wanted fish, we wanted lots of fish, we wanted big fish. So, I know Joe and Bill appreciated the beautiful scenery – but these guys have fished all over the world. They have spent countless hours in the worlds most pristine environments. It goes without saying, that all of us flyfishermen appreciate the beautiful places we visit. So whenever someone says, “Well, the scenery was beautiful.” It is just a nice way of saying that the fishing stunk.