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Fishing has been good in SW Florida although it is early and late in the day depending on the tides. This weekend, leading up to the “Blue Moon”, the tides will be great for an afternoon bite on the strong falling tide. Friday we”ll have a 8 hour tide from starting at 2:00pm ending at 10:00pm. The EP streamer flies will be the flies of choice. Lighter colors in cleaner water and darker in darker water. Our favorite is still the Purple and Black Peanut Bunker. Capt. Al Keller put Rich Keefe on this 40lb. Tarpon fishing in the Everglades National Park.The first person who emails us with the correct definition of a “Blue Moon” will receive a FREE Everglades Angler cap. So, if you know what a “Blue Moon” is be the first to post a comment and we will send you a free Everglades Angler cap.

Mark Ward
Everglades Angler