Fly Fishing BonitoI moved to the east coast about three years ago from Utah. I had spent my life living in Utah with the Provo River and 20 inch brown trout 30 minutes from my house and grew up fishing and guiding on the Green River & Provo River. I have travelled quite a bit chasing fish throughout the western U.S., British Columbia, Mexico, Belize, the Bahamas and other places. I knew when I moved here, that hitting the evening caddis hatch 20 minutes away was no longer a reality and I had to find new ways to get my “fix.” I knew there was fishing around, but I discovered that the fishing opportunities were more plentiful than I ever imagined and incredibly diverse. Everything from trout streams, to steelhead to the wide open saltwater, the opportunities are limitless and I have been lucky enough to have some incredible fishing experiences. I love all of these different types of fishing and as the season progresses there is always something to look forward to and difficult choices to make over which direction to go.Out of the various fishing experiences I have had since moving here one of my favorite occurs in the late summer and into fall, we call it chasing “hard tails” (bonito, false albacore & tuna). This is high speed, fast paced, adrenaline charged, demanding and challenging fishing. These fish move at mach speed, ripping through bait schools pushing them to the surface and exploding on them frequently with so much velocity and momentum that they fly completely out of the water. The closest thing I had experienced was the roosterfishing of baja which draws many similarities. There is nothing quite like lightning fast, ocean predators fired up chasing baitfish. I have had some incredible encounters with these fish and the crazy scenarious that occur when you are chasing them and look forward to every time I get the opportunity. Fishing for these fish is a constant and evolving game of trying to find the fish, predict what direction they are going and hope that they stay up and don’t change direction. Once you figure this out (or think you figure it out), you have literally seconds to make the cast, strip like crazy and if it all comes together connect with one of these speedsters. Once you hook up, your line clears and the fish is speeding away and into your backing in seconds. The sheer power you feel when attached to one of these fish is awesome! Your adrenaline is pumping and all of the hard work that went into it pays off. There is nothing quite like chasing “hard tails”. The season has just began and I can feel my adrenaline pumping right now just thinking about it. I can’t wait for the next time out on the water trying to hold on in Jeremy’s surfboard (skiff) launching over waves trying to get to the next blowup or jumping around on the jetty rocks trying relentlessly to get the fly in front of one of these speed demons!