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Fishing in Maine can surprise you. Hot bright sunny day July 17,water too warm for trout to sunny even if there were any trout. The plan was to hit my favorite western Maine river. Well something about a kayak race spoiled that. Jeremy had his friend from western Mass in town so I thought about Northern Kennebec waters. I called the water release hot line and the release was 3000 cfs , not knowing if that is good or bad I said lets hit Shawmut. The boys fished it the night before and the reports were promising. I arrived on the east side at 9:00 am,( I know it late but I had come from sugarloaf, took a short cut and added an extra hour to my trip) Finally time to fish. I read something about getting the files down so I tied #10 olive bead head bugger my main leader followed by a # 14 bead head copper john followed by a # 18 prince nymph all connected off the bend of each hook attached with 5x about 12 to 18 inches apart then I put a size bb split shot 4 to 6 inches above the bugger. Now here is the key to this rig. You must put the strike indicator at the tip of your fly line for maximum depth. Now I am ready to fish this rig! Two or three casts and my indicator is ridding properly fish on!! With the help of Jeremy we net this beauty. I continued to fish this rig and picked up 2 nice brown trout. All three of these fish hit the Prince. Pete and Jeremy not doing much they head for greener pastures, before they go Jeremy points me to a spot “ That white water has some fish”. Joey and I head up river to the white water. Slipping sliding I make it a cross the top of the falls ( kind of hairy). 1st cast in to the pool and fish on!! Now I have a job ,fast current, steep rocks ,slippery the whole deal. Joey is on the other side so no help from him. After about 5 minutes I managed to land this beauty. Next cast same thing another beauty. Yea you guessed it next cast another beauty. 3 casts 3 nice big bows. 2 of the bows hit the bugger the other hit the prince. The funny part of this is I never use buggers… Jeremy always uses them. So I fished his spot with his fly and had a banner day wile he was searching for better water! Just a side note the water is getting too warm. The fish took 5 to 10 minutes to revive. I am all done fishing this section until the water cools down. Time to fish bottom release waters. See ya on the river Joe-m