Fly Fishing CaliforniaWhen I woke up at 6:00 am in the morning, in Mammoth California to see the “sunny” climate that the weather channel had promised; I was surprised to find out that it was snowing. Regardless, I was pumped up to fly fish. My father, my brother and myself hopped into the truck and made our way our down to a creek that we like to fish. We have fished this creek in the summer and we are almost always expecting to see many anglers lining the banks. This creek is not one of our favorites, but in the summer months water in the Sierra’s is limited. The great part about this creek is that it does tend to produce trout regardless of the conditions. After we geared up and trudged through a foot and a half of snow to the creek, we were happy to see that there was not a soul in sight. I got out my fly box and began to tie on a small WD-40. I was ready to get after it. Three casts after into it, I hooked and landed a fish that fought as if it was 4 times its size. Little did I know that there would be one of the strongest BWO hatches around midday. Never before have I had the chance to stick trout on a dry fly on almost every cast; while it was snowing! I fish the winter midge hatches and usually the BWO’s are fairly small, but this time I was fishing a size 14. All in all, we had a great day of fly fishing to some beautiful winter trout in the Sierra Mountains. Despite the guides on our fly rods freezing, it was incredible to be on this pristine piece of water without having to compete with other anglers. Definetely a great day and a new favorite winter fly fishing spot in the Sierras.