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Deschutes River Steelhead FishingFly Fishing VideoVideo:Deschutes Steelhead Quest

My dream float down the famous Deschutes River will be a trip to remember for many years to come. It all started out at 4:30 AM in a little town called Maupin. As I waited in the darkness for the guide, I wondered what in the heck was this important to drive two hours in the high desert darkness dodging mulie deer and jackrabbits?After we finally pounded down the access road to the launch we put the drift boat in the river and rowed across to await first light. We walked upstream a little ways and positioned ourselves perfectly on a shady stretch of river. I had made my intentions of taking a steelhead on a skated dry fly.Now at the first run, I skated a great looking dry fly through the slick water. The first fish boiled on the fly and instinctivly I tried to set the hook a bit too early. The guide instructed me to wait until I feel the fish on the line before lifting the fly rod. A second steelhead showed interest in the fly. I waited this time, but unfortunately the fish missed the fly. Pretty good for my first morning on the Deschutes I thought. When the sun began to shine on that section of the river we drifted downstream by rafters and kayakers. Then we stopped for lunch and some rest. After lunch the guide said I could either continue to rest or take some more casts. I opted for the latter! After swinging a great looking spey fly dubbed the “red headed stepchild” I got pounded by a big steelhead and the battle was on. I was all alone with this fish and all I had was an epic action camera on the brim of my hat to document the battle. Fifteen minutes later a 31 inch beautiful Deschutes River steelhead lay tailed in my grasp. My trip was made and all I had to do now was ride the most wild water I have ever witnessed in a drift boat to finish the day. Enjoy the video!