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This fish tale, video and tune is really two stories in one. The first story is about a recent fly fishing trip to Florida with my good friend Boz. Asalways, it was a great trip! We did many of same things that I have been doing for many years on my Florida fly fishing trips. We fished the Tamiami trail and plucked some snook out of some of ‘our’ honey holes. We met up with our long-time friendMarshall who lives in Naples and fishes the trail regularly for Tarpon. He dialed us into some new Tarpon flies and new Tarpon spots. We met up and fished snook lights with my long time friend joe-m,Joey’s dad, who first introduced me to snook and tarpon, the Tamiami trail and fly fishing theFlorida Everglades region many moons ago. Dave Teper wasn’t home and able tofish with us, as he was working on a fly fishing film in Louisiana with Will Benson. So, weconnected with him by doing the next best thing and stopped into his home fly shop, Mangrove Outfitters. We bought some fly tying materials, flies, a hat for my son, the newest copy ofThe Drake Magazine and shot the breeze with mutual friend and owner Tom Shadley. We also did some new stuff that we had never done before!Raul Montero, who Dave Teper fishes with in Biscayne, lined us up with Joe Gonzalez for a killer day of bone fishing on the offshore flats! Throughout the entire trip we, did what we always do, and kept in touch with many of the guys in our crew who weren’t with us and they fished vicariously through us; wanting to know all the details of every day of fishing. Emails at night tokory,Alex,Greg andEd, quick calls towaterwhippa and joey, text message updates toAustin and so on and so forth. Also, coincidentallyJason Curry, happened to be in Florida and we met up with him to fish for ½ a day. So, I was telling my friend John fromRail Riders about this new fish tale and video that boz was editing for us and we were really happy with. I was telling him about how boz and I re-recorded the “Flies And Fins” tune to use with the video and then I realized something very cool. I have always loved fishing andmusic. They have always gone hand-in-hand with me for as long as I can remember. My guitar and music is sometimes more important on a fly fishing trip than my fly rod. I don’t claim to be good at either fly fishing or music and I may very well suck at both. But, being “good” is not the goal and not what I like about my fly fishing and my music. Fly fishing and my music both offer an escape for me and a way to express myself. So, when sitting down to write this fish tale, I realized the bigger story here is the story of Flies And Fins. The song actually came before the name of the website; as this website started out as a blog as a sub-domain of another site. So, the song is what inspired the name of this website. And, when Boz and I re-cut the song, and I sang the lyrics again it amazed me how the lyrics made perfect sense to me 6 or 7 years ago and they still make perfect sense today. I realized that the song initially inspired the website name back when the blog had a couple members and maybe 20 unique visitors per week. Fast forward through 6 years, thousandsposts,fish tales,videos, pictures,tunes, chats, 4481 members (and growing) from all around the world, Hundreds of thousands of unique visitors and countless trips that I have been on and lived vicariously through others. Now, the song still makes perfect sense but the big difference is that the website inspires the song. And what inspires me most about the website is the people. Flies and fins is not really just a website. It’s not really about tarpon, bonefish, snook, steelhead, tuna, stripers or any fish. It’s not about the bestvideo or the best writing or the best fly fisherman. It’s not about any 1 person or any 1 thing. It is about an unsaid but universally felt passion and common perception of fly fishing amongst all of us. All of us 4,481 members “know” each other and even though we live in different parts of the world and may or may not have actually met – we all “get it.” And, when new people visit the site; they either “get it” or “don’t.” And there is no in-between. And, every time a new person joins and becomes a member and submits a fish tale or adds value to our forums by asking for help or legitimately interacting with us and helping us … we all say to ourselves, “There is another person who gets it.” So, thank you to each and every one of you who “get it” and for helping to keep my passion for fly fishing and music alive. I sincerely hope that Flies And Fins has somehow in some way provided you with some sort of inspiration at some point. When I look at all of the people and all of the fish and all of the places everyone has been to and the things that everyone has done – whether its in their local stream or far way exotic places; I am more inspired every day. And, I am inspired most not by any 1 fish or place or trip or skill or accomplishments. I am inspired most by the universal and undeniable passion that we all have for fly fishing.