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What a year! The best year ever! I wonder what makes every year so much better than previous years? Maybe it is all of the new technology and whiz bang features we implemented on the site? No, the technology and features are minimal and virtually exactly the same as when the site started six years ago. Maybe it is the dedication to perfect writing styles and grammar, super duper mega pixel pictures and better than HD videos? No, the writing is more about soul than structure (loaded with “mistakes”) and everyone uses cheap point and shoot cameras. Maybe it’s the fact that we all gravitate to the newest hottest fly fishing trends and dedicate our lives to one style of fly fishing. No, as long as a fly is being using on a fly rod with fly line … there is no one method of fly fishing that is better or worse than another method of fly fishing. Maybe it is all of the experts who know it all about fly fishing and grace us with their infinite knowledge? No, everyone is in a constant evolution of learning and it is universally agreed upon that it is 100% impossible for any 1 person to have fly fished for every species in the world and fully understand every ocean, lake, pond and river in the world. Maybe it’s the fact that we are all from somewhere like Montana where “A River Runs Through It” was filmed? No, we are from all sorts of places like the Netherlands, Denmark, Argentina, Hawaii, Guadeloupe, Austria, New York City, Australia, Michigan, Florida, Montana, Utah, California etc.. Some of us are born in raised in Montana. Some of us only fly fish the saltwater and have never caught a trout. Some of us have never left Argentina. Some of us have never traveled further than Wyoming. Some of us have never fly fished outside our home state of Colorado and some of us have never left Canada or been to the USA. You get the point. We are basically a melting pot of fly fisherman from all over the world. Maybe it is the fact that we all have tons of money and big time jobs and high end careers? No, many of us are painters, carpenters, web designers, window cleaners, HVAC repair men, Vietnam vets, Soldiers, fly fishing guides, teachers, airport baggage handlers, truck drivers etc.. So what could it be? What made Flies And Fins 2008 so great and what makes every year better than previous years? I got it! It’s the people! It is all of the characters that we all meet along the way. And, with every passing year, the number of characters and crew-members grows bigger. Flies and Fins started with a very small crew, just a couple guys who loved to fly fish and “got it.” Not much has changed. Actually, only one thing has changed. The crew is no longer just a couple guys who “get it.” As of today, the Flies And Fins crew is comprised of 4,932 people who “get it.” So, if Flies And Fins is about anything at all – it must be about a state of mind and like-minded people and all of the characters we meet throughout our fly fishing journey, who somehow “get it.” Thanks to everyone for making Flies And Fins so much fun, being part of The Flies And Fins story and for “protecting a state of mind.”