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My first digital camera purchase was in 2001, a Casio POS or something like that. It took still pictures at VGA resolution, and transferred them to a 900mhz pc through a serial cable. I found it fun to take it out fishing. I would take pictures and race home to see if any were good. It was simple, no more film to develop, no more waiting. 3 or 4 fishing trips in my first camera took a bath, and ended all the fun. I fished the next couple years, sans camera, until I bumped into a guy on the beach in Naples, carrying a fly rod and a digital camera. His name was Jeremy, and his little web site inspired me to buy another camera, and start to document (blog, before there were blogs) about my fishing adventures. It was fun, but soon it wasn’t enough. I was meeting all sorts of cool, like minded people (friends), through this “social media” site (before there was Facebook), and wanted to try to take it further. So I switched my camera into the recently added video mode, and started streaming web video (before there was youtube). Wow, that sounds like so long ago. Now I’m an all or nothing kind of person, meaning that if I like something, I’ll pretty much give up everything else for that thing. It has been my biggest downfall in life, as well as my greatest asset. I was consumed by this technology and determined to learn as much as I could about this video mode, and how I could use it to show my “friends” how I saw fly fishing.Over the next few years, I fished my ass off, and watched as the video revolution took hold of a bunch of other people. I started fishing with people who seemed to share my passion. One of those people, my friend Will seemed as ready as I was to keep pushing the limits of the fishing as well as the film making, and we came to an agreement. We were going to do it. We would each put in everything we could and give it a go. You know, see where we could take it. With the hopes of learning how to be a production company, and maybe make something that resembles an actual film one day. We quickly learned that we couldn’t do it all ourselves, so we enlisted the help of our friends Jeff, Bryan, Travis, Brian, and Kevin, and taught them how we needed them to help.In the fall of 2008 I caught a snook that Kevin and I had been hunting for 5 years, and my friend Sondra just so happened to be running the camera. With that piece of footage in the bag, we conceptualized the idea of creating a piece that was bigger and more complex than anything we had made to date, and hopefully show the world how much fun fishing in the Everglades is. We wanted to do the glades some real justice. Epic cinematography, a glorious storyline, and an adventure that would transcend generations would culminate into a piece that would change the world. We would make movie history.Unfortunately, all we had were a few boats, some old cameras, and a passionate bunch of friends to pull it off. So we gave it a go. Needless to say, we put everything we had into it, and had the time of our lives making it happen. The results, we hope you’ll enjoy it. It was the best fishing experience of my life, and my biggest fish tale to date. Instead of describing it any more in words, why don’t you check it out for yourselves.