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There’s not a whole lot known about the habits and behavior of Tarpon, and considering the fact they have been around since Prehistoric times, you’d think anglers would be able to ‘dial into” them whenever they are seen. Not the case.We can spot their rises, but the forms are not like Trout. They are not eating when they surface. In addition to getting oxygen through their gills, Tarpon have the ability to breathe air. This allows them to inhabit warm waters that are not very rich in dissolved oxygen. Tarpon breathe air by gently rolling on the surface while taking a gulp of air. Seeing 40 pound Tarpon show their sides gets my heart all a flutter.Today, I was in position at a known Tarpon intersection; a series of points of land between channels where there is just enough current to move bait fish and comfortable enough for Tarpon to “lay up”, rest and lie in ambush. They say Tarpon have used some of their feeding and migration routes for centuries! The more I learn about these gamefish Kings, the more I realize how little I know!I’m not content to just wait around for a Tarpon to roll before I cast. And, you won’t spook these fish because they are roaming in and out, some lying in wait, others just travelling, sometimes in groups. You might as well pick apart the shorelines and always be alert for signs of big fish crashing bait. Meanwhile you can blind cast till your heart’s content.I use what I call an excited retrieve. It’s not the lazy, slow retrieve I often use for Snook in the estuary. It is a tad faster, I’m always moving the fly and stripping as if the fly were truly scared and escaping. Little one-inch baitfish can only escape so fast. So, it’s not a super-quick retrieve. I’ve found that a slow retrieve will get strikes too, but a faster retrieve will get you actually hooked up. Tarpon will adjust their ‘take’ to the speed of the fleeing meal. Damn, that much, I “do know”!The surreal view surrounds me each day I come to these magical Tarpon grounds. I only stay from 6 :15 AM until perhaps 9:00 AM, but during that time are the magical hours. It either happens or it doesn’t. Today it happened. Three fish hooked and played, two brought to hand. The larger fish was perhaps 12 lbs. and it was great to see him leap and dance. I wanted him to spit the hook when he was tired because I couldn’t lift him up on the bank. He performed like a champ.