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Just returned from a days fishing in the brackish water of Lake Oostvoorne nearthe port of Rotterdam.The fishing on the lake was closed for a couple of months (season) and hadjust recently opened. Yesterday a group of our local club went fishing thereand blanked amidst miserable weather conditions.When we went this morning roads where iced up, it was freezing outside and theskies where clear. At the lake the temperature was just above freezing and a strongNortherly wind was blowing on the water.Early morning I hooked into a fish on a small black booby nymph. Rainbow trout.We were fishing at the Northern shore of the lake. Action was minimal so we decided to hit the Southern shore in the afternoon. When we arrived at the Southern shore we where exposed to the full force of the wind. Nobody got hits and no fish where to be seen. After an hour or so fruitless fishing we all came to the conclusion that our first location was better than the one we where currently at. All gear including the belly-boats where put in the car for our trip to the other shore.Niels and Tom launched their belly-boats and moved to the East while I fished the seawalls and structures along the shore. I received one more hit but missed the fish. Niels and Tom each managed to catch a Rainbow trout at the end of the day. Near sunset we called it quits and settled in the restaurant at the shore for a meal. We slowly thawed while enjoying a goodmeal in good company.At least this fishing day was not in vain. Everybody caught fish and had several takes even tough it was quite cold. I guess we have to repeat this exercise very soon.