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Fly FishermanThere comes a point and time in a fly fisherman’s life that defines him. For example: Do you continue to fish the way you always have, and pursue and catch the same fish in the same way? Or do you challenge yourself to push the envelope and experience fly fishing from a new perspectives? Probably everyone on this site knows exactly what I’m talking about.Some friends of mine and I decided to take the latter approach. We chose to fish when weather conditions would normally dictate poor fishing to say the least. And we chose a very technical piece of water where light rods, fine tippets and small flies are the norm. So, what did we do? We met at a spring creek in upstate, NY for a morning fly fishing session. Air temps were struggling to get above 10 degrees and everything in upstate NY had been frozen for a while now, except for some tail water fisheries. And even those waters were struggling to stay above freezing. A certain spring creek, however, stays at a fairly constant temperature – hovering somewhere around 50 degrees (plus or minus a few degrees) all year long.The fishing started off a little slow, with a fish here and there for the first 45 minutes. Then, it started to “warm up.” We made some fly changes and things really started to heat up. Our indicators started dipping more and more and we would even have times when we would hook up with a fish on 3 or 4 consecutive drifts. We even had a double hook-up in the mix. The sun was shining, it felt good to be outside with friends and fish and we were all feeling pretty good! We fished hard for several hours catching many decent fish before the sun disappeared behind some clouds and the fishing cooled down, just like the weather. But not before we brought close to thirty fish to hand and lost many others.So, what made this day different? We could have done what we always seem to do and gone steelhead fishing. But, on this day we wanted a new experience and a new challenge. One that would give us a new perspective, and maybe if we were fortunate enough … redefine us!