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I came back yesterday evening after four days of heavy fishing in Germany’s Harz region. With four guys from my local flyfishing club we fished the Bode river in what used to be Eastern Germany (DDR). The bode is a spring fed stream that flows through a mountain range (1600-3600ft) Lots of slippery stones and weed patches in the river. Mayflies were hatching and fish where responding well to both dries and nymphs. Stomach contents from some trout destined for dinner contained stonefly- and caddis nymphs. I learned a lot on this trip. Like not always sticking to nymph fishing. I had some fabulous times fishing the dry fly. It was my first dry fly fishing this season, and it was much more effective than nymph fishing. I had a ball casting upstream to rising fish. I also learned to watch out while wading through weed patches. I slipped over a large flat hidden rock and went for a brief swim in the river. Although I had a waterproof camerabag with me I was careless enough toleave it open while wading. So I slipped and fell in the water and the water entered the camera bag where my digital SLR was housing. I was standing upright again in seconds but water had already entered the bag. A quick drying session on the banks and a functional test of the camera followed. It did still function but some buttons where not operational anymore and the small amounts of water that had gotten into the camera condensed in the lens. It all dried out a day later and thank god the camera is fully functional again. I can assure you it will not happen again, I mean the camera part then. Even though some locals said the fish in town were put in by the local tourist /visitors bureau and uncatchable, we managed to get quite a few of them. It was fun for a while but we soon moved out to find a more suitable place to fish. I caught my first Bode trout actually in front of the small house we stayed in. We were a very short distance from the big Bode reservoir. The huge dam was in walking distance of our cabin.