Great Lakes VideoHi Speed Only

Another fall season has come and gone in upstate New York. The crowds have thinned out and once again we have found much needed solitude on the area tributaries. The past year has been different; through the magic of this web site I have had the pleasure of sharing some local knowledge with people from all walks of life, from all over the country who share the common passion of fly fishing. I must admit it has been a breath of fresh air to witness the unbridled enthusiasm of people who don’t have similar resources at their disposal. It is fairly easy to become complacent in regards to ambition when the mercury plummets and the 30 mile per hour North wind seems to have been sustained for five months. When the call comes through and I hear the excitement in the voice of the eager angler on the highway or in the air it seems to rekindle the early days of my own quest for chrome. I am grateful for these opportunities and hope they continue. There is some really good stuff going on here. Thanks again guys.