When Jeremy called me and said the steelhead were starting to make their fall run and we should meet up, I was excited. I always look forward to the fall steelhead run this time of year because when they first come in from the great lake they are chrome and red hot. So, I met up with Jeremy and Austin in the morning and got set up with the right leader and a handfull of Austin’s hand tied flies. As we walked to the river I said that I would really like to catch one of those nice brown trout that come up to munch on the salmon eggs. I know the brown trout don’t make front page news like the steel, more like a back page story. All trout are beautiful, but browns are just rich with golden color and covered with crimson spots that look as though they were painted by an artist. And, with their beauty comes a tough side as they bulldog through the fight. Also, brown trout usually don’t leap or have the blistering runs like the steelhead. So we reached the spot where the steel had been the day before and I got ready. I pulled some line off my reel and made a cast upstream. My rig drifted by me right through a sweet pocket and the indicator went under. I was on. Jeremy told me to hold on and that she hasn’t jumped yet, but I knew. This was my brown trout and the fish I had been hoping for. After several hard runs I worked her near the bank and slipped in behind the fish so I could carefully beach this little jewel of the river bottom. After a few photos we let this little beauty return to her place just off the current in that soft streamy water where brown trout often call home.