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The weather was gorgeous this weekend. Cloudy, grey, cold, drizzly, foggy and damp. Us Striper flyfisherman could not ask for better weather. The sun bathing tourists were few and far between and the fish were tracking the shore lines by the thousands. Each morning and night the regular group of guys and some new guys made the long walk from the parking lot to the outer sandbars. Hours went by like minutes and there seemed to never be a time when someones rod wasn’t doubled over. I am lucky that I have met some of the great Southern Maine Fyfishermen like Mike, Dave and Bruce. I used to be one of the many guys that would stand next to them and catch 2 fish for every 20 of theirs. If not for them, I would still be out there casting an intermediate line with an olive deceiver and wondering where the fish were. I now know that the fish were always there – I was just fishing for them incorrectly. Anyway, thanks guys, for sharing your many years of wisdom with me and enabling me to catch so many stripers. So that’s that. We all got a ton of fish and had a great weekend.