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Hawaii Fly FishingIt was a Gorgeous few hours in the morning with my brother. We went out Holo-Holo (playing around) fishing. I was stalking a couple of very nice Tailing bonefish, that were feeding 40 yards away and coming at me at 30degrees. All of a sudden, it appeared! A nice Tako (octopus) was spread out, soaking up the morning Hawaii sun! It flashed a bright gray/white color, as if to say, “Stay Away, I’m the King of this Reef!” I had only a few seconds to make a decision. Should I by pass those weary and skiddish bonefish or go after the ” Guarantee octopus? Well, I Guess I am not much of a gambler. After I reached down and grabbed his large spongee head, I was thinking that if I could do this quickly enough, I may still have a chance at those bonefish! But guess what, I could have sworn I heard him say, “I am William Wallace!” I felt it was Longshanks himself and he fought me with Great Abandon! His tentacles reached up and wrapped around my arm. I had to tuck my rod under my arm to grab him with my other hand! Finally I was able to, as we Hawaiians do it, bite him between the eyes like a Savage Native! Quickly dispatching it! This octopus made for a wonderful, smoked tako at a barbecue, enjoyed by a few friends and some nice cold ones! Oh, and as far as the Bonefish are concerned, theyare still out there.