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Greg called back, “Isn’t the water too high?” His previous excitement of going to E.O. had been crushed by new info that the water had come up over 2000 cfs. So, I headed up alone. When I arrived, the river was high alright, 2440, but the water was clear, lots of new places for fish to feed. I nymphed some new spots and some old haunts, constantly moving. Around 10 AM, fish started to activate. A Clouser minnow, fished deep seemed hooked on a log…but the “log” moved! After a brief tug of war, the hook came away. Then, A small Brookie and 2 small Salmon ate the bead head midge larva and were released. Rising fish turned my attention to rerigging. I cast to the rises with a #18 Griffiths Gnat. POW! a bright 16″ Salmon vaulted cross the stream and later posed for a picture. I stripped a small streamer in front of a rise. SMACK! A colorful Brookie slammed it and also posed. I put on a floating Stone, prospecting likely lies. KABANG! A Salmon smashed the bug and was gone. Nearly everything I fished this day brought some action and I wished I could have stayed later and I wished Greg had come with me. The backcasts were not as easy because I was nearer the trees and the wading was tentative and slow, but the fish were there and eating. Many fish were closer to shore, feeding in shallow water with ideal currents carrying the food to them. I used lots of weight when nymphing and hung up on the boulders constantly. Even the larger fish would rise to a fly constantly cast over their head, …the “induced rise” happened 3 or 4 times.I saw 8 other anglers this day and several seemed happy with the flow level…me too!