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It Just Doesn’t Get Any Better Then This.Its a long ride from Portland Me. to Pulaski N.Y. The conversations range from science, religon, business, and politics. That is until you are about an hour away from the river and Jeremy calls Waterwhippa to see how things are going and we are told “can’t talk right now, I am trying to land a chrome steelhead. I’ll call you back. Minutes later the phone rings, its Waterwhippa expounding on the fishing experience he and Nate have been having. Jeremy looked at me and said “Step on it” It wasn’t long before we were on the river. Quick introductions to Dave and Nate and off we went to the days honey hole. We weren’t there long before Jeremy was fighting a football shaped brown trout. I was on the opposite river bank with the sun at my back. As I watched Jeremy release that fish I couldn’t get over the brilliant silver reflecting in the suns glare. You would have thought the fish was wrapped in tin foil. The day played out with more fish getting caught, ableit, none by yours truly. Jeremy landed a magnificent steelhead to end the day. Talk around pizza and wings settled on leaving the river for Sunday and fishing some trib waters in Daves home area. What a wise choice. We fished breathtaking glacier formed streams that support a rainbow fishery that I would suspect would be tough to match anywhere. Dave was generous enough to give Jeremy and I the first drifts through the pools that he knew would be most productive. Throughout the day we all caught fish in various pools. At one point I sat at a waterfall and marveled at the fish leaping into the falling water then expending enough energy to propel themselves further up stream. That is a sight I had never witnessed before. It is truly an act of nature that makes you appreciate the game fish you are pursuing. There is no way to express the beauty of the fish, the weather, the rivers, or the fellowship with the other fisherman that occured this past weekend. Watch Jeremy’s video and you will get an idea of how spectacular it was. Dave/Nate, thank you for the welcome. Thank you for the experience. Please, come to Maine and let me return the hospitality.