Maine SalmonWhat a great State the State of Maine is. Even though I have fished and hunted all over the state of Maine for my entire adult life, I still find places that I have not seen. Such was the case this past Sunday. Greg had told me about a secret spot that held an impressive number of brookies and landlocked atlantic salmon. The best part was when he said is no one else would be there. I have to admit, I was skeptical. I figured the only reason no one would be there was because there were no fish there. Perhaps this was a spot that Greg had fished when fiberglass was the rod material of choice and he only hoped the fishing of days gone by was still there. After a reasonable drive from my home we arrived at our destination. You know how you look at water sometimes and just know that it is either dead or alive. This water was alive. You could just sense fish as you looked into the clear flowing water. As we geared up Greg told me stories of the past conquest he had at this secret spot. After seeing the water I was more inclined to think we were in for one of those days. Once rigged we walked up river to a hole Greg was sure would be holding fish. As we walked up river I was taken in by the shear beauty of the area. I thought how can something this beautiful be in my home state and it has taken me 59 years to see it.Greg was gracious enough to allow me to the first cast in a run that he was certain would hold fish. It took about 5 drifts before I had my thingamabobber show the slight hesitation that indicated a strike and I set the hook. A salmon of about 16” bounded out of the water and somersaulted trying to rid its jaw of the hook. The fish played out quickly and was released to be caught another day. Greg then stepped into this run and was soon hooked into a strong fish that refused to budge from the bottom. I watched Greg try to coax this fish into calmer water, but with the current, the fish and the 5x tippet it was not long before Greg was looking at a slack line.Throughout the day we explored new runs and found fish in most of them. Our day couldn’t have been better. Greg even allowed me drive out of the secret spot without a blindfold on, which was a requirement for the drive in. So now I have a secret spot that I feel confident I will be able visit again on a day when I just feel like catching fish.