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Maine Fly FishingIt has been a couple years since I left the state of Maine and this past week I was fortunate enough to return and have time to myself. The usual visits are consumed by holiday parties, family gatherings and more of the like. This vacation was no exception but I made sure I set aside a few days for myself. And I spent those days sleeping on the ground and fishing for Landlocked Atlantic Salmon on the West Branch of the Penobscot River. Prior to my arrival in Maine I had spoke with Greg Bostater (boz) about the conditions on the West Branch. With all the rain that the East had been getting I didn’t have any high expectations but boz replied with “everything just came into shape and the fishing is spectacular. I also have a few days off so come up and we’ll fish together.” Before I knew it I was meeting my friend Luke in Bangor and heading to the river. We met Boz on the river, had a beer and headed up river to where Boz had his boat stashed. Having a raft on this particular section of the Penobscot is critical. It allows you to reach water that is not accessible by foot and it also allows you to float through class IV and V rapids without cracking your drift boat in half. With that being said we hopped in the raft and eased our way out for the evening. Landlocked Atlantic Salmon were caught day in and day out of our 2 day stay. We caught them on big dry flies, streamers and nymphs. Most of our fish came subsurface but when the caddis started to pop the fish were eager to take your offering. The potential to catch some of the biggest Landlocked Atlantic Salmon in the State is on the Penobscot, 18- 20 inch fish are common with some skippers mixed in but the probability of hooking one 25 inches+ is high. And although hooking these fish is possible landing them is another story. The best we could do was 24 inches. Luke hammered this warrior pictured above on a size 16 caddis pupae out of Boz’s boat on our second day. Without the help of Boz none of this would have been nearly as possible. He showed us parts of the West Branch that one might not ever know exists. A big thank you goes out to Boz and Luke for making my few days in Maine ones to remember.