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SplakeThis past fall my brother and I hit a local Maine lake that has a good population of both smelt and splake. We were trolling smelt patterns behind our canoe in 30 – 40 feet of water. The fishing was little slow for the first 45 minutes, until i marked a good school of smelt on the sonar and told my brother to get ready for a hit. As soon his fly got over the school of smelt he got a hit and soon brought his first fly caught splake to hand. After the first fish we trolled for quite a while with only deteriorating weather and very little signs of baitfish or trout. My rod was the next to get hit unexpectedly and of course i had gloves on so i couldn’t strip in the slack and the fish threw the hook. Well, after some more unproductive trolling he hooks into a fish that slams the pole over and starts screaming drag! I get my fly rod out of the way and get the net ready to land the fish. We get close enough to the fish to find out its just an average splake that swatted the fly and got hooked in the tail. What a let down. However we both had had enough of fly fishing for the day and more than enough wind andcold. So, we decided to leave. This was not the most productive fly fishing trip ever, considering the day before 5 splake came to the boat. But, my brother caught his very first splake on a fly which made the trip a success.