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It was one of those perfect mid-April days, with air-temps approaching 60 degrees. The warming sun and a nice breeze felt pleasant and kept the casting interesting at times. I was fly fishing with a buddy that I enjoy fishing with but don’t get a chance to that often and this was one of those last minute, “Why don’t you go fishing” type excursions. Of course, this wasn’t April, it was mid-march and even though the snow was mostly gone, there were some patches around which kept the water a chilly 37 degrees. The early black stones were making an appearance in the warm sun and they skittered about caddis-like and crawled down the back of our necks. I dropped a flash-back #14 stone off a bugger, pinched 2 splits onto the leader and started a slow swing through the pool at the bottom of the dam. Half way down, everything stopped and I tightened up the line expecting the slight hesitation I had been getting from the grassy spots on the sandy bottom but this was different. The rod bounced slightly and came to a stop. “Fish?” I asked myself…Bounce Bounce…Yes! Fish On! The line in my fingers slid out through the guides and my reel came to life. “Fish!” I yelled “Big Fish!” Visions of rumored Landlocked Salmon flashed through my head as I know the river holds some but I had never seen them, and the fish surged upstream. Now after a brief struggle he gave in and started to come to hand. I caught a glimpse of color and the flash was a dark butter color…”Nice Brown” I called upstream at my bud. He didn’t start towards me because of “The Picture Jinks” and I slid the 16 incher onto the sand bar. After a quick picture, he was gone. The only fish of the day, my biggest brown from the river ever…What a great day!