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Montana Brown TroutAfter Steelhead fishing with some boys in Washington for the last couple years, they told me I had to get to Montana this summer to do some trout fishing. Having never been to big sky country I said “sure.” Summer arrived out of the blue and before I knew it July was over. I made a call to The Stonefly Inn and spoke with Dan “Rooster” Leavens. I told him a friend of mine and I were coming up and that we would be there in 11 hours “I’ll be ready” was his reply. With the truck filled to the brim with fly rods, cameras, coolers and more gear RA Beattie and I got on the road and headed north. We arrived in Dillon just in time for happy hour and were welcomed with cold beer and buffalo tenderloin. The next morning after shaking out the cobwebs we drove to The Stonefly Inn in Twin Bridges, we met Rooster and came up with a plan. Since a cold front moved in and dropped a bunch of rain the dry fly fishing wasn’t what it had been. Of course if we had got there a day earlier we would have seen rising trout everywhere eating big hoppers. Since reports on the rivers were not optimal we hit a few local spring creeks that Rooster had access to. The fish in some of these creeks were giant, spooky and it took team work to catch them. With RA on a high bank and Rooster and I hiding in some weeds we worked as a team to get a single brown trout to eat. My first cast in Montana was with a size 4 hopper into a spring creek and as I watched this artificial bug float on the surface my heart was pumping. I could hear RA “here it comes, here it comes….oh my god” and then through the tall reeds I saw a large mouth open and suck in my offering. I don’t know how but,I waited long enough to get a good hook set on the fish and bring him into Roosters net. Over the next 10 days we fished everything from big rivers like the Madison to Spring Creeks that looked like drainage ditches. We saw huge Caddis hatches and more Grasshoppers then I have ever seen. We caught Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout and even Carp on Clark Canyon Reservoir which feeds the Beaverhead River. After fishing all over Colorado and into Wyoming I never thought that Montana would be much different. I also didn’t understand why it got so much press when the states just to the south also with great fly fishing did not. Now I know. Montana is a wild place, vast valleys that ease into Mountainous rolling hills which touch upon the never ending sky. Small country towns nestled amongst miles and miles of farm land. No one was in a hurry and every truck, car and camper had a drift boat in tow.It was refreshing to visit a place with down to earth people who were not afraid to shake your hand and have a conversation. Today It seems too easy for all of us to get wrapped up in new cars, bigger houses, more money, higher status etc.. where I was in Montana all of that seemed to disappear. Thanks to RA, Rooster, Jeff Brazda and Tyler Barrus for showing me the best of Big Sky Country.