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Montana Fly FishingWatch Video:Montana Fly Fishing

I recently returned from my first every fly fishing trip to Montana and all I have to say is, wow! Wyoming was good but Montana was spectacular. Taking into consideration that my buddies and myself have families to attend to, we could only manage to swing three full days of fly fishing plus travel time. We stayed at a very nice fishing lodge in Alder, Montana and fished with some excellent fly fishing guides who worked hard to get us on the fish. We didn’t arrive in Montana until September 26th so it was the tail end of hopper season. We had the chance to fish the Jefferson River, Madison River and on the last day we fished the Ruby River, Clear Creek and Alder Creek on foot. It was amazing to see the size of the fish for such relatively small water. The Jefferson and Madison River fly fishing tactics that seemed to work best during this time of year was all nymphing, which was cool with me. A couple of the “go-to” flies that produced great results were San Jaun Worms and Prince nymphs. In three full days of fishing we never saw a single person on the water. That was cool in itself. I don’t think that would be the case during the busy summer season. We were lucky and could not have hit it better as far as the weather was concerned. All three days of fishing were near perfect weather weather conditions. On our departure day we awoke to snow coming in sideways and 37 degrees. Made it easy to leave such a beautiful place.I am home now, but my mind isstill in Montana. Next time it will be the Bighorn and Beaverhead Rivers for sure.