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“Moose Head” VideoHi Speed Only

I always get excited the night before a fishing trip and try to work things out for the next day in a sequential and linear manner so I can just go one step at a time. This sounds good and works most of the time. I have been known to show up at the East Outlet without a vest or a rod, but the following are some of my best screw ups. Jeremy and I set out for Maine’s Rangely Lake area on a bright, Sunny morning to fly fish in these world class waters and enjoy the day. I didn’t realize that I had driven to Moosehead until I topped the Hill just past the grocery store and saw the lake. I don’t know how we got here, I said, feeling the idiot, and trying to wiggle out of the obvious. “You don’t know where your going!”Jeremy said, with aggravation and nashing of teeth. “We’ll just cut across…” I said, with that know it all style I have. So off we went across the state only stoping for a video report in front of that touristy plastic moose and of course the flat tire on Rte. 16. As many of you know there is no cell phone service and when you got someone from AAA on the phone you lost them if you moved an inch or the wind changed direction. Yes, we were now in fly fisherman’s hell. Naturally it was raining and because the truck was new we had to strip it to find all the pieces of the jack to raise the truck and change the tire. The only vehicle that passed was a couple from New Jersey wishing they could help but were pressed for time and didn’t know where they were!This will become a series of fishing trips gone bad. another installment as my winter deppression sinks deeper.