North Carolina Rainbow TroutIt was a rainy afternoon in October in the midst of the Pisgah Forest of North Carolina. Knowing my potential for success on any rainy overcast afternoon, I packed my fly fishing gear in the car, had brunch at Waffle House with some friends and departed Clemson University for the small town of Brevard, SC. Prior to gearing up for a fun filled afternoon on the river, I stopped in the local fly shop, Davidson River Outfitters, for a few tips on what might do the trick. I grabbed a variety of midges, size 20+ and hit the road. Once I got to spot, I threw on my waders, grabbed my rod (rigged and ready) and made my way down to the side of the stream. After about a half hour, many roll casts, and a few lost fish; my line made a sudden jerk. Much to my surprise I found myself tight to a large brown trout of about 16 inches. What happened next I will never forget, a few casts after my first brown of the day, I cast my line into a tight nook just in front of a log and let my fly drift by. The strike nearly took the rod from my hand and the ensuing fight was one I would not soon forget. The rainbow made jumps and runs I’d never experienced with my 5wt fly rod. Around 15 minutes later, I got the monster to the net and was beside myself with my new record rainbow trout.I estimated that this trout was about 26 inches and definitely weighed a pound or two! I was on cloud nine and will be for quite sometime! Large trout and a rainy day on the river are truly the essence of my devotion to this beloved sport of fly fishing.Hope you enjoyed this tale and I look forward to reading many of yours! Tight Lines! Stay Posted though, as my friend and myself will be heading to Naples, FL soon. We hope to return with a few new personal bests! Beware Snook, Reds, and Baby Tarpon!