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Fly Fishing NorwayNorway Fly Fishing

After visiting Norway many times with my parents I fell in love with the country. When I got married, Norway wound up being the holiday country of our choice. My wife loves to hike and I love to fly fish, so it was a perfect choice for both of us. Needless to say, on this holiday I did take my fly fishing gear and got a few chances to cast some flies around every now and then. Most fly fisherman go to Norway for grayling , trout or Atlantic salmon. I fell in love with a Norway fishery that most people overlook, although it is becoming more popular in recent years. I really enjoy saltwater fly fishing in Norway. In Norway there are several species to target … Pollack ,coalfish , cod , mackerel and many and a few others of which I do not no the names in English. On our “family holidays” there is time for fly fishing but never as much time as I’d like. So, this summer I decided to visit Norway with 5 fly fishing mates who are also fans of fly fishing for European seabass. We decided to take our belly boats to the Norwegian fjords. This decision would end up being a golden choice. First, we fished from the one of the many ferry docks that can be found in Norway. We caught fish but realize that after about an hour of casting flies to the dock fish, the fish would follow our flies but wouldn’t take them anymore. So, it was time to go on an adventure and explore the “unknown” spots. While riding on the ferry we would all keep an eye out for sections of water where steep rock met the ocean water. These type of places and structure are perfect hide-outs for Pollack, the best fly rod fish that the Norway salt has to offer.These predator fish love our clouser , jiggie and sand eel flies. However, this fishery is much less about fly choice and much more about finding the right places to fish.One day we crossed a bridge with big pillars standing in the fjord. Now our belly boats came in to play. We saw big schools of young herring, and many predatory fish hunting the herring on the surface. Clearly, this was the place we need to be. We had 2 days of fishing and caught over 100 fish each! Needless to say, fishing like this made 6 grown ups became like kids again. Now that we are back in the Netherlands we often think back to our fantastic fly fishing holiday. Norway is a great country for fly fishing for grayling , trout and Atlantic salmon , but don’t forget the salt.