NY Trout Fly FishingI was knee deep in the cool morning water catching my first Oatka creek brown trout before everyone else arrived. And having that moment to myself on the stream, allowed me to reflect on my friendships with the guys who would soon join me in taking part in our second annual summer fly fishing trip. There would be seven of us altogether. For some, it would be their first time to ever cast a fly. For others, it would be a familiar ritual in which they take part in almost every week. And even though I had fished with each one of them on separate occasions through the years; today we would share this experience together. And what an experience it would turn out to be!Not long after that first trout, everyone was there, standing knee deep in their own section of the Oatka. Many trout were caught by everyone accept for two of our friends who were spin fishing. We caught mostly stocked brown trout in this section, but there were the occasional wild browns in the mix. The fishing was good enough to put off our meeting time for lunch until about 12:00pm. A short drive later and we were at our campsite busy setting up tents and cooking lunch. While we sat around the fire eating, we shared past fishing stories and reflected on our morning of fishing. We then asked if our spin fisherman friends wanted to try fly fishing. We were eager to help them get that big zero of their back. And the more experienced fly fisherman in our group knew that the only way to get rid of a zero was with a fly.The second half of our day took place at a part of the Oatka that is a no kill, artificials only section. It does not get stocked, and all the trout in this part of the stream are wild. It also has the reputation for not giving up its trout easily, especially for beginners. We set up our beginners with small flashback pheasant tail nymphs under small strike indicators. We then hiked up to a spot that has produced very well for us in the past. And today it surpassed our expectations. After a little instruction and a pat on the back, our beginners started to hook fish. And soon they had both landed their very first brown trout caught on a fly. Soon after that everyone was getting into the action. At one point, one guy would hook and land a fish only to look up and see another guy do the same thing just seconds after the release. We even had multiple hook-ups at the same time. Some of the trout would come two feet out of the water twisting and shaking with all that they had just to shake that fly lose. At this point we all were smiling and laughing while cheering one another on. We would rotate in and out of the run, each of us taking our turn to hook some wild browns. ”is this for real?” I didn’t think so. We fished hard for a little over 4 hours. Then the beginners had to go. They had already stayed 2 hours past when they had planned to leave. Great fly fishing tends to do that to a person. The rest of us finished off the evening waiting for a hatch that came and went without much interest from the trout. We then went back to camp to rest up for tomorrow.Morning came and we ate breakfast and packed up our tents and gear. We headed back to the Oatka and fished it hard for a few more hours before we all headed back home to the reality of the upcoming work week. Standing at the side of the road getting ready to leave we all shook hands and vowed to come back and do it again. What will next year bring we thought. Will it be as good as this year? Fishing this good tends to leave an after taste….and it tastes good! All I know, is we could not have had a better time. And the fishing wasn’t bad either!