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Salmon Video

Fly fishing the Penobscot River is an unforgettable experience. Fly fishing the Penobscot River with my friend Boz is a religious experience. The Penobscot River is a world class river in more ways than one. It is arguably the best Landlocked Salmon fishery in the United States and one of the best whitewater rafting rivers in the Unites States. Typically, the fly fisherman and whitewater rafters are there for two distinctly different purposes. However, my most recent trip to the Penobscot River was not typical. See, Boz is a 10 year whitewater rafting guide veteran. He has guided all of Maine’s most powerful rivers and a potpourri of wild rivers out west and over seas. Boz is also a fly fisherman and a licensed Maine fly fishing guide. So, Boz and I became friends over the winter while racking our brains trying to figure out the best way to tie a Simplefly. Boz would always say, “Dude, you gotta come up and fly fish the Penobscot with me. I can take you down sections of river that never see fly fisherman. Regular drift boats never fish these sections; it would be way too dangerous. We will have to go through some class 4 and 5 rapids, but the pools in between the rapids are amazing and hold some beautiful Salmon.” I knew this was not just another run of the mill experience. So, Boz called me last week and said, “Jer, I am up here in the Penobscot and would love to take you down the river. The fly fishing has been great and I can even take you to some of my native Brook Trout ponds. The Hex’s/Drakes are coming off!” When I heard that, I couldn’t resist. I shifted my schedule around and opened up a couple days. Put it this way, it was un-freaking-real. The river was beautiful with jaw dropping Salmon pools. I was in heaven. I lost count of the Salmon I hooked and caught a few nice fish that I will forever be burned in my memory. The dry fly action on the river was unbelievable and, to top it off, the dry fly action on the Brook Trout ponds was even better. We showed up to one of Boz’s secret ponds at about 5pm. By 6pm there were countless native Brook Trout rising to Hex’s/Drakes all around me. I was throwing out some huge dry fly patterns and it was unreal to watch the Brook Trout pounce on my flies. Maine ceases to amaze me. There is so much water and seemingly endless possible fly fishing choices and new experiences. I am not the type of fly fisherman who necessarily enjoys fishing the same water over and over again. I like to be constantly learning new waters and experiencing new things. This fly fishing adventure was one of the most dynamic and awe inspiring experiences I have ever experienced. Thank you Boz.