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It is easy to tell a good fly fishing buddy. They always have one thing in common. When they bring you to one of their stomping grounds, they put you in the good holes and they are more concerned with you getting a fish than themselves. Marshall Demott, took me and Bob (Streamer) to the East Outlet today. Marsh was true to himself today. He walked me down to a hole like ya read about and said stand there and fish. I cast out my steelhead rig – weight on a tag – woolly – prince – wet fly. WHAM! A beautiful 15-16 inch Salmon jumped clear out of the water. He jumped again and again. I was all smiles. We netted the fish, and I was a happy camper. It was not so much my fishing skills that got me the fish – it was more a matter of being in the exact spot that I needed to be. Now, if Marsh had been less of a man, he could have easily positioned me in a less than perfect run. However, he did the opposite. He put me on top of the fish and himself in a less than perfect position. The fish in that run had not seen any flies for awhile, so when they saw my offerings they could not resist. We had a great day fly fishing the East Outlet. Bob (streamer) came down with a little flu or something, so we called it quits a little early, but that turned out to be a good thing. We were all home early. Anyway, I love going up to the Northern parts of Maine and fishing waters that I have never fished before. Maine has so much water, one man could never fish it all. Like Marshall says, you could spend a lifetime just fly fishing and learning the Moosehead region. Yeah, some weekend warriors go up there a few times and they think they got it licked, but that just can not be. The river is big, there is lots of water and every little run is a seperate entity. True flyfishermen understand how insignifigant their little flies are in that big water. Guys like Marshall appreciate the overwhelming amount of runs and pools and feeding lanes. Guys like Marsh appreciate how much tactic can be applied to fishing the mighty Kennebec. Most of all, guys like Marsh understand that they are just one guy in a long line of flyfishermen that have fished the Kennebec throughout history. Many guys have come and gone and many more will. The river will flow, long after I am gone and hopefully future generations will have the same sunlit mornings, crystal clear water, good company and precious Salmon. Thanks Marsh.