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As always, things change. We were halfway to the Salmon River when I got an email from Kranefly. “Dude, they are raising the river to 1500 cfs.” Oh well, that’s the way it goes. So Greg and I woke up this morning and went to a few tributaries. Unfortunately there had been a foot of snow last week and today actually hit 70 degrees. So, we got a ton of “spring” runoff in late November. Go figure. So, the water in the tribs was roaring and muddy. We did our best and some drifts actually looked promising. But, the water clarity was just too poor and nothing panned out. So, we headed to the Salmon River. I was so accustomed to fly fishing the river at 350 cfs and it took some time to adjust to 1500 cfs. All the runs change. The fish hold in different spots. Sections that were good at lower water levels are not that great and visa versa. So, we did what we always do. We searched for the fish. I got a couple small steelies, but certainly not what we were hoping for. Greg had one big take. A Steelhead hammered his fly and ripped line out of his hand. I hooked a couple decent Brown Trout and landed the one in the picture. It was a good day in most respects but overall a tough day on the water. Seemed as though all the elements were conspiring against us. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the 30-40 mph steady wind. However, I always know this to be true. Just as things can take a turn for the worse, they can just as easily take a turn for the better. Tomorrow morning will find us on the river in a drift boat with John Ruccondo. John says that he knows some spots that hold fish in high water. I know that there is a big steelhead out there waiting for Greg. He worked hard today and I wanted him to get a steelhead, but today was not the day. Hopefully, the chrome will make an appearance tomorrow. Stay tuned.