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Spring fishing in Maine can be tough to non existent. There are occasions when you get lucky on opening day and catch a small brown or brookie and you always hear of “some guy who caught a huge trout on the first cast” but it never seems to be you. This year the water levels have been lower than normal making the fly fishing interesting. I have been scouting around my usual stomping grounds and found that water levels have been too low to hold any fish. The other day I went out with Jeremy and we tried our luck at some his landlocked salmon spots where he had some success with earlier in the week. Arriving to our first spot we found a couple guys already there so we decided to find different water. This spot caught or attention instantly when we saw a large salmon cruising the bottom looking for bait. I tossed my Mickey Finn in the water and had a follow right off the bat but no takes. I switched up my fly to a yellow and red no name pattern that I found rusted to my vest and gave it a try. I gave it a cast, began to strip and wham a nice male Landlocked Salmon was pulling hard. We brought him to hand for a photo and watched him swim into the abyss. A few more casts with the rusty warrior and I decided to make another switch. This time a darker pattern. I said, “J-Bone this fly is going to slay a large Salmon” he laughed and I began to strip…..boom “there he is.” I laughed as he called me names and we landed another male salmon. After marveling at the sleek design and colors of the specimen we bid him farewell and called it quits. It was a great afternoon on the water. The weather was great and the fly fishing even better. More salmon will be on there way so stay tuned for more Landlocked updates.