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Last April I found myself back at the Salmon River for the first time in 15 years. I had never fished for Steelies in the spring and I ended the day 1 for 1 a good place to begin my entry into Steelhead U. I vowed to return regularly and I managed one outing a month through the entire season, even though it was hard with a wife and young son at home. It has been a season of hard knocks. These fish submit a rigorous test. The odds are stacked against you as you are in their house and they set the rules. If you have any weakness they find it. Be it poor knots, sloppy hook sets, daydreaming, slow reactions, the list goes on and on.The most important thing about Steelhead U is to understand the quarry, its habits, haunts and mysteries. The only way to approach this is to spend time on the water and learn from the fish and from other fisherman. I learned a great deal on each outing, adding more knowledge of the river, access points, good lies, the habits of the fish and how they react at different times of the season, different water temperatures and water levels. Thanks to Shaq for openly sharing his knowledge of the river and good company on several trips, the most memorable one was our first steelhead trip where we crushed?em. This year I added a new technique that greatly added to my pleasure of steelheading, the indictor. I have used this extensively in trout fishing, but not for steelheading. There is less rigging due to not loosing so many flies, shot, leader etc and you cast it not lob it. I still need to solidify my hook sets with this technique as I lost too many fish using this method. Most of my hooks were in the front lips and not the corner of the mouth and with hot fish that does not cut it. Can you say fish off; well I did way too often. As a result I plan on perfecting my hooksets while trout fishing. They will be in the corners of the mouth by next season.So on this last outing I hooked and landed fish swinging flies, nymphing with an indicator and in one spot bouncing the bottom. It was fun to use all the different methods available to hook and land steelhead. My last fish of the season came from the exact spot, with the same pattern (wooly bugger on the swing) that I landed my first fish last April. It all came full circle and my first year at Steelhead U is in the books. In Steelhead U, you get to grade yourself. I gave myself an A for effort and B- overall, as I lost too many fish. What was your grade at Steelhead U?