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I love having Monday’s off because I generally have the river all to myself. Due to lack of time I decided to walk in today instead of float. The drizzly, foggy drive down certainly had me thinking it was going to be a productive day. The sky was just begining to show light as I made the 15 minute walk into where I was going to fish. My plan was to methodically work 3 different holes depending on time. I stayed in the first hole for about an hour without even a bump. I adjusted my float for a little more depth and on the next cast it went down. I lifted and it was hung on something. It ended up breaking off and when I went to rerig I realized I didn’t have a lanyard on…no nippers. I found an old cigar cutter in my rain jacket and was able to get by with that…not well but it worked in a pinch. I thought to myself, “is this the way the day is going to go?”I decided some new scenery was in order so I moved up river into hole number 2 and fished about an hour without a hit. Those thoughts started wandering into my head, “am I ever going to catch anything again?” Just as I was thinking about heading down to hole number 3 I saw a massive steelhead peel back out of a hole just above where I was fishing. I figured I’d try changing up flies and keep working this spot. While I’m in the river standing completely still changing flies I hear a wooshing sound getting progressively louder. I had my hood up so my side vision wasn’t real good. I turn and look up river and a bald eagle comes flying out of the fog/mist within 10 feet right over my head. It was an awesome site and of course it happened so quick I wasn’t able to get a pic. I figured even if I didn’t catch anything that was well worth the price of admission. Following the eagle encounter I worked the hole/run from top to bottom without a bump and figured it was time to head back. Just as I’m about to walk out I saw a large flash in a deep cut slot where it would be impossible to get a fly. I was on my way out so if I lost a few flies it wouldn’t really matter. I adjusted my float to avoid 2 pieces of large wood and on the first cast the indicator dropped and I was into a nice piece of steel that crushed a nuke egg. A solid fight 100 yards down river and a few acrobatics and I was able to bring it in. What an awesome morning!