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Steelhead Video

Over the years I have fly fished with Jeremy and Austin many times. I enjoy their company and enthusiasm immensely. Anyone who chases steelhead with a fly rod knows that the elements are always conspiring against the angler. In the face of adversity these guys are actually more determined to overcome the elements and be successful than most people I have had the pleasure of fly fishing with. Of course conditions were less than favorable, it is early spring and the water levels are high, water temps are cold and visibility is less than ideal. We spent the first day on the Salmon River with limited results. As evening approached we were consumed with the thought of where to set up shop the following morning. We did some online research back at the lodge and came to a few conclusions. The game plan was to focus on the smaller creeks and try to put one on the bank at first light. Everything went as planed; they knew the drifts, flies, techniques and how to land big fish in tight quarters. The action was great that morning but waned in the afternoon. Again we were intent on finding new water for the following morning. We looked at the USGS gauge that night and weighed out the options and came to a conclusion.The next morning things were looking grim and we thought we had made the wrong decision. Then I heard Jeremy shout “there he is” from below me in the tail-out. He was tied into a monster. From the high bank I could see his fish roll, I could just make out a big flash of white and a nice bright red cheek plate. After a short battle the monster broke the 8lb. tippet. We were still all smiles because we had overcome the obstacles and laced up with giant steel. We finished out the day on some tributaries that are near and dear to our hearts. The fish were there and it was Austin’s turn. In the short time I have known him he has excelled by leaps and bounds in the Steelhead game. Just a couple years ago I watched him hook, land and release his first chrome missile. Now he is wandering around the rivers and creeks finding his own drifts, slots and holding lies we never knew existed. I have learned so much by watching him ply the waters. Thanks again guys. You are always welcome in my camp.