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I met Jeremy in Maine a month or so ago while fly fishing for sea run brown trout. This has been my game for a few years and Jeremy was new to the sea run game. He was asking me a bunch of questions about the where’s, what’s and when’s and I was a little reluctant to give up the ghost. However, after talking with Jeremy for a little bit I could sense he was as passionate as me about the Sea Run Game and that he had some information that I was interested in. He kept mentioning steelhead this and steelhead that, which definitely had me interested. So we devised a plan. I would show Jeremy some of my sea run brown trout drifts and methods and he would do the same for me with steelhead. So, Jeremy showed me a few fly patterns and I managed to tie 250 steelhead flies. Then the time came. I left work at 11pm, got home, grabbed my gear and hit the road. I drove straight through and met Jeremy in steelhead country. I was shaking with anticipation and could not wait to fish. I was baptized within the first 10 minutes. Not with a hook up, but with a freezing cold dunk in the Salmon River. I shook it off, but didn’t dry off, and realized it was time to go to work. We covered and fished a ton of water, but the hook-ups were few and far between. My dreams of giant chrome were slowly melting with the snow on the bank. All I had to show for my efforts was a little 10 inch rainbow trout and sucker. I was beginning to feel like I was the sucker. I had tried all of the egg patterns that Jeremy recommended, but had not tried the one egg pattern that works best for me in Maine. I tied on my trusty white and pink egg pattern and threw it out into the run. My first drift produced nothing and I was I little dismayed that I had tried all my patterns and had no luck. My second was perfect. My setup landed exactly where I wanted it to and the drift was perfectly positioned on the tricky little seam. My indicator went under and I thought it was another sucker, but I saw the fish roll and I knew it was something special. Everything seemed surreal and went by so fast and I could not believe it when Jeremy tailed my first steelhead of my life. I removed my fly, we snapped a quick picture and released the fish. I might have been a long way from home, but I was certainly not a long way from chrome.