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Steelhead & Trout Video

There is very little you think about while you’re on a river. The last few nights, however, while I’ve been out chasing trout during the evening hatch a few things have entered my mind. First, I realized when I’m not fly fishing I wish I were and when I am fly fishing, I forget everything else in life. It is amazing how fly fishing transcends time, memories, bills, pains, etc… All of those things seem to disappear and they all go away if only for that short period of time I am on the water. I feel lucky for that. I don’t think many people who don’t fly fish have such an opportunity to achieve that level of mental freedom. Maybe that explains the reasons why we strive to be on the water more? Fly fishing and time spent on the water is the best form of therapy on this planet. Second, I wondered how many people don’t actually realize what takes place on any given river and how every river is alive. I stepped back and just watched and was stunned by what a massive (but tiny) ecosystem a river is in itself; moving water, rocks, bugs and fish. I watched a small brown trout feed in a lane for about 30 minutes. Towards the end of that 30 minutes of time I could almost predict the exact second the trout would rise. I never did throw a fly in it’s direction. I finally decided to give the video thing a try and it turned out ok. The video that accompanies this fish tale is a great reflection on the first half of the fly fishing season. Now, after doing this video, I find myself thinking of new angles to shoot video and take pictures. Fun stuff.