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Striper Video

Last Friday night I got online and was checking out Flies And Fins. I was just about to shut down my laptop when I saw a post in the chat box from Linesidesonthefly. “Hey Jeremy, got a last minute opening on the Boston Whaler in the morning. You wanna hop on the bow?” I replied, “I’m in.” At 4:30am the next morning we were shoving off. We met up with Kennebecfly. He had his own boat, but we all fly fished together. The fog was like pea soup and at times it was hard to see the front of the bow. Fortunately, Linesides had GPS and he managed to chart a course for us and stay the course. We reached our destination and Kennebecfly was into his first fish within a minute or so. Linesidesonthefly was hooked up next and then me. We caught so many fish, I lost count. No real monsters, but lots a fish and a couple slot sized fish. The action was fast all morning and there were many times that we had double hook ups. Black Clousers were the go-to fly and thank God for the GPS. Fog is a strange element to deal with. It creaps in and can disorient a person quickly. At one point I was casting towards an Island that had been producing lots of fish. Things slowed down dramatically and I thought to myself, “Man, where did the fish go? This cast was loaded with fish a half hour ago.” Then I realized that I was looking at a different island and I was nowhere close to where I thought I was. Fortunately, Linesidesonthefly was marking way points on his GPS and he “easily” got us back on course. It was a good day of fly fishing for stripers on the Maine Coast. Thanks for the invite.