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Steelhead NYSummer steelhead? I know what you’re thinking, he’s crazy the only place to get summer steelhead is either the lake or places like the Salmon river or on the West coast. Well, let me put it to you this way, today was not the day to wear my thick fleece pants under my waders. I now have a good man stink working, and after getting back into the car for the ride home I know why. Can you say SEVENTY Degrees in early April! This explains the summer reference. Who in there right mind would wear fleece pants under there waders in summer. Nobody! (except for me of course) Well, enough about the weather. The fishing was pretty good. I started at the bridge and worked my way down fishing an egg pattern under a strike indicator. The water was perfect, with just a little stain to it. Clear enough to see the bottom in the riffle and run sections but not in the deeper pools. After I caught a creek chub on the egg I switched to a #8 bead chain white woolly bugger under the indicator. Just as I lost sight of the bridge going down stream around the bend, my indicator dipped and I set up on a nice steelhead. After some vigorous head shakes and a small run the fish came off. Before I headed back up to the run to check it for more fish, I saw a glimpse of red on the side of a large steelhead making its way into the run from the tail out of the pool. I quickly made a cast, then another, and then finally the right drift produced a take. There is nothing like seeing a big male steelhead turn to take you’re fly! Fish on! About a minute later, after a few head shakes and runs, he threw the fly. Upon examining the fly I noticed it must have embedded into a couple of nice sized rock fish. After retying and not seeing anymore fish I headed downstream. After a nice long walk, and no fish to show for my efforts I headed back upstream in hopes of finding a few more steelhead in that riffle section. Do I need to tell you what happened next? I saw three fish holding in different spots in the riffle section and made a cast to a nice big steelhead that was nearest to me. I saw the steelhead move and take my woolly bugger, FISH ON! How cool is this! After 7 or 8 minutes battling back and forth complete with head shakes and quick runs, I beached a beautiful and fat 29″ male steelhead. I guessed the weight of the fish to be around 12 lbs. After that battle I now realized I was drenched and not with water, but my own sweat (see first paragraph about summer steelhead.) What a way to end an exciting morning. All the fish I saw and hooked were good sized. I must have gone to the right spot! Can’t wait for my next outing! – Brian