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Spring is here. Opening day is only a few short days away and life holds meaning again for those among us who have waited to make the all important first cast of the season. Some will wait until the buds on trees are the size of a mouses ear or the ice leaves the ponds or some other reason handed down from farther to son. I am one of those that must, perhaps as a sign of my dedication to the sport, fish the first day regardless of the perils of early Spring fishing. That said lets look at last years first Brown Trout caught in April in a stream you can hop across at any point of it’s length. My delema is, can I posibly beat this fish this April. I caught this one on a Nymph fished off a stone fly dropper, a caddis nymph as I recall. What…a fight trying to keep him from under logs and brush. The excitement of that first Brown was a reawakening of a sense of well being not felt for a long winter.I anxiously await the ritual of opening day!!