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The 2005 fly fishing season ended for me right where it began, on the Salmon River in New York. With finger tips so cold they burn. I was sure there could be nothing in the universe any colder, then I remember my toes. When it is this cold it is hard to concentrate on the drift you are trying to present to the steelhead you are so sure are waiting in the run you are working. To help keep focused I found it helpful on this New Years weekend to recall my fly fishing adventures of the year. For me there was more fly fishing in 2005 then any other time in my life. I fly fished more places, more methods, and for more species then ever before. I fly fished with old friends, new friends, and on my own. I traveled a couple of miles from home at times and other times several hundred miles were driven before a fly rod was rigged. Some days the weather challenged my desire to fly fish. Torrential rains, gale winds or freezing temperatures all played a roll. On days when the weather was spectacular it gave me a greater appreciation for the pastime I have come to enjoy so much. There were so many laughs and so much knowledge gained on every fly fishing trip. I found myself always craving the next chance to get on the water. There is no high speed video or photos of me with landed fish to accompany this year end article. This was one of those trips where it just didn’t work out for me. There are those trips but fortunately not many go that way. As winter tightens its grip and we sit around to chew the fat I will visit the archived fish tales and replay in my mind each catch that got recorded. I want to wish all members and visitors of Flies and Fins a Happy New Year. Thank you for so many great memories.